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The World Goju-Ryu karate do Academy opened in East Brunswick in December 1993. WGKA offers Karate and Self Defence training for adults and children. More specialised classes are also offered including self defence courses, meditation and tournament training.

warren and max

The chief Instructor of WGKA is Kaicho/Hanshi Max Fabris. Max began his karate training in 1967 and commenced teaching in his own Dojo in 1970. Kaicho/Hanshi Max obtained his 8th Dan in 2012. He is a qualified Instructor recognised and licensed with the Victorian Martial Arts control Board.

Kaicho/Hanshi Max has represented Australia in international competition on five occasions. In 1983 he obtained a bronze medal at the Asian Pacific union of Karate-do [APUKO] championships in the Kata division. He has held the position of National Kata coach for 10 years, and is a level two Coaching Accreditation lecturer.

Hanshi Warren Ross began his training in 1966 alongside Max Fabris. Many of Warren’s students have attained the rank of Shihan [4th Dan], and some have gone on to win titles at both state and national competitions. Warren is now the NSW Chief Instructor of WGKA.

Kyoshi Shihan Phillip Chin Quan 6th Dan, is the branch instructor of the Hornsby Dojo. He began his training in 1966 alongside Max Fabris and Warren Ross in Melbourne. Phillip has been training and teaching both locally (metropolitan and regional Victoria and NSW ) and internationally in Japan headquarters, Hawaii and Europe. He is now teaching at the Hornsby North Public School Hall.

Dojo Shihans of WGKA - from left to Right:
Warren Ross, 8th Dan Kyoshi, Director/Chief instructor NSW,
Phillip Chin Quan, 6th Dan Kyoshi Shihan, Hornsby NSW,
Adam Ross 6th Dan Kyoshi Shihan, Chief instructor Bega NSW,
Christine Ferguson 4th Dan Shihan Wonthaggi Vic,
Dean Walters 4th Dan Shihan Cranbourne Vic,
Greg Rees 7th Dan Kyoshi Coburg Vic,
Joseph Ielasi 7th Dan Kyoshi Lalor Vic,
Kaicho Max Fabris 8th Dan Hanshi Founder and Chief Instructor WGKA, Coburg Vic


After decades of personal training, mental discipline and skills development, KAICHO Max Fabris, founded WGKA (World Goju Ryu Karate Do Academy) in November, 1993. The initial logo design was the red circle overlapped with the blue pyramid/triangle., with the WGKA initials below.             

The Sun represents a source of power and energy, also the circular application of the Goju School. Our school motto is: “Sharing Knowledge, Gaining strength”.

The Pyramid symbolizes stability and longevity; the apex pointing skyward, implying that one should always strive for increasing improvement. It transmits a sense of strength and unity. From these two symbols we derive power, energy and strength - the power to develop and grow; the energy to sustain, and the strength to support. The Sun and the Pyramid also represent the contrast between hard and soft (Sanchin and Tensho)

In 2002 the logo was updated to include the Kanji for “Kon”- Spirit; “Shi” – Mind, “Kokoro” – Heart and the stylized symbol of a Karate-ka (Karate student) performing a high roundhouse (Mawashi geri) kick or side kick (Sokuto geri), completes the evolved logo.         

Kon – Be strong in “Spirit”

Shi – Be clear in “Mind”

Kokoro – Be pure of “Heart”

The Red Sun, its color, could also represent the fundamental element of FIRE or the symbol of the Japanese national flag, being that Goju Ryu was developed from ancient Okinawa through to modern Japan. The color, Blue of the Pyramid could symbolize the element of WATER, flowing, all-encompassing, as is the form of Goju Ryu (Like the flowing form of Goju Ryu Kata, Bunkai and the application of its Waza (techniques)

Through the practice of Goju Ryu, we form strong friendships, develop deep respect for Sempai and Sensei, and pride in our school, WGKA in particular and Karate –Do ‘THE PATH’.

World Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Academy
is a member of: Australian Karate Federation and NSW Karate Federation

NSW Chief Instructor Kyoshi Shihan Warren Ross 8th Dan

Hornsby Branch Instructor Kyoshi Shihan Phil Chin Quan 6th Dan