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Scheduled Grading Dates 2019

Wednesday 22 May (Jnrs 6:00pm/Snrs 7:15pm)
Results Presentation: Monday 27 May

Wednesday 11 September (Jnrs 6:00pm/Snrs 7:15pm)
Results Presentation: Monday 16 September

Last Class: Monday December 16

Christmas Party/Presentation Night Wednesday December 18 from 7:00pm

Note: Students selected for the gradings is at the sole discretion of the Shihan. Grading acceptance forms will be handed out to those selected a fortnight prior to the grading date. These forms must be signed and returned to Shihan with full payment before the grading day.

The following criteria must be met for selection:

1. Regular Class Attendance
2. Improved Technical Skills
3. Improved Physical Fitness
4. Self Confidence
5. Knowledge of Dojo Etiquette
6. Knowledge of Karate Terminology
7. Correct Behaviour at all times

Gradings are earned not given. Everyone starts at the bottom.


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2013 Hornsby Dojo Annual Shiai

Hornsby Dojo held its Annual Shiai, at the dojo on Saturday, 14 September. Although the competitor numbers were down from last years (2012) inaugural shiai, the ability, skill and competitive spirit was very high, with some very exciting events in the Gladiator Challenge.

Again, highly-respected, well known Renshi Shihan, Greg Gunns, was the Chief Referee on the day, ably assisted by  Hornsby Dojo Sheidoin, John Ryan and Sempai Alex Kwa. They had  quite an effort in deciding the recipient of the “Most Spirited” Award for each category event. (Plus 3 recipients, per Team events).

With thanks, following parents also volunteered their time and efforts to assist in the smooth running of the day’s proceedings.
Score keeping – Dilek Jolliffe
Timekeeper – Rick Jolliffe.
Trophy/ Medallions – Dianna Ross
Mat Assistants – Kuni & Naomi Sheather.

The spirited and energetic performances of all competitors were highly appreciated by the audience of parents, grandparents and siblings, who responded with cheers, applause and encouragement, to the skills and sportsmanship of the competing students. The competitors showed skill, determination and strong competitiveness – all as fine exponents of the Goju Spirit!

The following results were:

 10th – 7th Kyu  8th – 5th Kyu  4th Kyu & above 
 1st Place -  Erinn BRANAGH  1st Place – Oliver ZHANG  1st Place – Adrian CHIN QUAN
 2nd Place – Tobey ISOBE  2nd Place – Alice XIE  2nd Place – Jason STEWART
 3rd Place – Kaito ISOBE  3rd Place – Riki SHEATHER  3rd Place  - Reki INAFUNE
 “Most Spirited” – Nicci BURMAN  “Most Spirited” – Liam CONNOLLY  “Most Spirited” – Jack STANLEY
Kata  Gladiator Challenge 
10th – 7th Kyu  8th – 5th Kyu  4th Kyu & above 
 1st Place – Kaito ISOBE  1st Place – Riki SHEATHER  1st Place – Rjki INAFUNE
 2nd Place – Tobey ISOBE  2nd Place – Liam CONNOLLY  2nd Place – Orana DURNEY-BENSON
 3rd Place – Gabi SLEVIN  3rd Place – Oliver ZHANG  3rd Place – Jackson SALLOCH
 “Most Spirited” – Erinn BRANAGH  “Most Spirited” – Alice XIE  “Most Spirited” – Zane JOLLIFFE

WGKA Hornsby Dojo First Grading May 15 2013

The following students were successful at the dojo’s first grading for 2013. Congratulations and well done to all the following students.

Pee Wees
 Alice XIE   8th Kyu (Orange) 
 Oliver ZHANG  8th Kyu (Orange)
 Riki SHEATHER  6th Kyu (Green)
 Liam CONNOLLY  6th Kyu (Green/Provisional)
 Mei INAFUNE  5th Kyu (Blue)

Oliver Zhang, Alice Xie

Liam Connolly, Riki Sheather

Mei Inafune

 Gabi SLEVIN   9th Kyu (Red) 
 Sophia BRANAGH  9th Kyu (Red)
 Erinn BRANAGH  9th Kyu (Red)
 Jordyn STANLEY  6th Kyu(Green)
 Dilusha NADANAPATHAM  6th Kyu (Green)
 Jackson SALLOCH  5th Kyu (Blue)
 Jack STANLEY  5th Kyu (Blue)
 Jason STEWART  4th Kyu (Purple)

Sophia Branagh, Erinn Branagh

Dilusha Nadanapatham, Jordyn Stanley
Jack Stanley, Jackson Salloch
Jason Stewart
Stephen Ross     3rd Kyu (Brown)


Hornsby Dojo 2012 Break Up Party and Awards Night

On Monday 10th December, Students and Family of Hornsby dojo held their annual Christmas break up party at the dojo, to see out the year and thank all, especially the Families, for another successful year at Hornsby. Renshi noted how pleased he was at the improved skills and training attitude of all students this year! Many of the class membership had achieved new (and improved) ranks, through diligent attendance and practice throughout 2012. It was, with pride and hard training (and an auspicious occasion), that Hornsby Dojo achieved its very first Junior Shodan-Ho, in Adrian Chin Quan.  Well done, Adrian!

Annual class presentations were made by Seidoin John Ryan & Renshi Phil.

Best Attendance – Zane Jolliffe (PeeWee, 3rd Kyu Brown)
Best  New Beginner – Alice Xie (PeeWee 9th Kyu, Red)
Most Improved – Mei Inafune (PeeWee  7th Kyu Yellow)
Shihan Award – Orana Durney-Benson (Junior 3rd Kyu Brown)

Congratulations to the students, above, for their wonderful achievements during 2012


2012 WGKA Annual Dinner (Dec 7th)

This year’s Dinner, held at the Preston Club, Melbourne, was very well attended by over 100 Senior Instructors, Sensei, students and their Families. All attending were entertained with various displays of Self Defence, Kata, Bunkai and Kumite skills, performed by PeeWee, Junior and Senior members of the Lalor Dojo, headed by Chief Instructor, Kyoshi Joseph Ielasi, 6th Dan. Lalor dojo is the biggest dojo, in WGKA, having over 130+ students - PeeWee, Junior and Seniors, who attend  a training schedule, offered 6 days per week, assisted by a teaching staff of 12+ Instructors, both senior and junior Dan level!
Following the demos, all attending joined in the sumptuous buffet dinner and drinks. The occasion of each Annual Dinner, is to socially, wind up each Calender year, meet up with friends, family and fellow Instructors and make formal presentations to all the year’s successful Dan recipients of that year.
All Dan ranks in WGKA are personally graded, and assessed, by Kaicho Max Fabris , 8th Dan Hanshi. He is also assisted by a panel of Senior 7th, 6th ,5th and 4th Dan Instructors of WGKA Dojo. Recipients of Dan Gradings are formally presented with their new Dan obi and Certificate , from Kaicho and other invited Senior Kyoshi and Renshi.

This year’s (2012) successful recipients were:
 Renshi Nick Andrianakis (Hombu Dojo, Coburg) – 5th  Dan     Shihan Rick Webster (Lalor Dojo) – 4th Dan
 Renshi Andrew Holman (Lalor Dojo) – 5th Dan    Shihan Alexandria Kostova (Lalor Dojo) – 4th Dan
 Shihan John Schieven (Lalor Dojo) – 4th Dan    Sempai Natasha Urbas (Lalor Dojo) – 2nd Dan
Congratulations to all the above on their well-deserved promotions!

Renshi Nick Andrianakis was also this year’s recipient of the Gary Marek Award for outstanding commitment and loyalty. Renshi Phillip Chin Quan was given the Budo Award (Recognition of outstanding qualities of Karate Do).

Next year, 2013, will see in the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of WGKA in Australia .A huge celebration is planned for the 2013 Annual Dinner, Be there!

Final Grading (Shinsa) – November 2012

On November 26th 2012, students of Hornsby dojo attended their final Grading (Shinsa) of the year. All were successful in their various rankings (Kyu). Special mention goes to Adrian Chin Quan for achieving Shodan-ho (Provisional 1st Degree Black Belt) – the first student to reach this Milestone, of Hornsby dojo’s 2½ year history (dojo joined WGKA association on June, 2009) As a fine example to all Junior members of Hornsby, Adrian regularly assists Renshi Phil in teaching other members in Karate-Do.

Congratulations to all successful students. I look forward to your continued training and commitment in 2013!



Inaugural Hornsby Dojo Shiai 2012

Hornsby Dojo held its first Shiai for its Pee Wee and Juniors students on Saturday 15th September, 2012.

It was pleasing that 99% of the students registered for 3-4 of the 4 categories of events. Renshi Phil spent up to 2 months organizing the inaugural event, hall booking, trophies and medallions (via Grandstand Promotional products, Thanks to Sensei John Schieven. Lalor Dojo)

Event draw sheets, thanks to wife, and webmaster Audrey for printing and sewing flags for Kata events, and Sensei Derek Minus, of Takemusu Aikido Ku Ring Gai Dojo for the loan of jigsaw mats for the Shiai.

Guest Referee was Renshi Shihan Greg Gunns, highly respected Goju Ryu Instructor of Sydney and Former Australian Kumite/Kata Champion (and Renshi Phil’s Sempai!). Assisting Renshi Greg, as Judges were Hornsby dojo Shidoins John Ryan and Ivonne Hendriquez, and Sempai Alex Kwa.

A big “Thank You” to parents - Rick & Dilek (Timekeeper & Scorekeeper), Diana (Trophies) and Matt & Steve (Mat Steward & Photographer). Your valuable assistance on the day was greatly appreciated.

Renshi Phil took the role of Tournament director/ Announcer for the proceedings. Even though it was the Shidoin and Sempai’s first shiai, they ably assisted and judged the day’s events fairly without bias. Congratulations from Renshi Phil!!

All competitors showed their skills and enthusiasm throughout the Kata and “Gladiator Challenge” in both individual and team events. All the spectators, friends and Family showed their support through vocal cheers and enthusiastic applause! To say they showed any bias for their children… well…!! Demonstrations performed between the Kata and “Gladiator Challenge” were eagerly applauded.

Renshi Greg performed the highest Goju Ryu kata, Suparimpai, a beautifully-executed form. Shidoin Ivonne performed kata – Unshu- a sharp Shito Ryu Itosu Kai kata. She was a student of Hanshi Fumio Demura, Shito Ryu in San Francisco, USA. Renshi Phil and son Adrian 2nd Kyu did a self defence sequence, Adrian ably defending against Renshi’s strong attacks.

Renshi Greg demonstrated parental concern and empathy whenever a Pee Wee showed signs of nervousness or lack of confidence. He would approach the said student, kneel down in front of them and quietly reassured, coach or give them “words of wisdom” on how they could perform their respective kata, then allowed them to re-start their kata. It must have worked, as some of them placed in their relative events! Thank you very much, Renshi Greg.

Renshi Greg showed his thoughtfulness to smaller competitors ,when against larger, heavier opponents, Renshi would either lift the smaller player 360 Degrees back into the arena- the larger opponent mistiming their “Push”, or holding the obi of the larger player, stopping them from rushing the smaller player—Ha.ha! These actions on Renshi’s behalf brought loud laughter and thunderous applause from everyone-fellow competitors included!

To add more encouragement for all competitors, Renshi Phil introduced a “Best Spirit” award to each event, by asking the team of Referee & Judges to select, from each category, a student who showed the “Best Spirit” – by Zanshin, Technique, Kiai, or overall performance and effort. They received a gold WGKA medallion!

At the end of each event all Place getters & “Best Spirit” students were awarded their trophies by the Judging panel. Then photos were taken.

Renshi‘s Greg and Phil were most impressed with all competitors – their enthusiasm, skill and youthful participation was a very high standard, showing great self-confidence and level of technique. Well done to all, an outstanding first effort, congratulations!

Renshi hopes that all students gain a wealth of knowledge, good competitive spirit, self confidence and personal encouragement from being part of the shiai! Renshi Phil hopes that this Inaugural Shiai will be the start of an annual event on the Hornsby dojo calendar!

To both parents and students - “Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!” & “Gumbattai ne!”

Results – Hornsby dojo Inaugural Shiai 




Best Spirit

 Kata (10th -8th Kyu)
  O. Zhang    R. Sheather   A. Xie   A.Xie 
 Kata (7th – 5th Kyu)   J. Stanley   J. Stewart   M. Inafune   D. Jones 
 Kata (4th Kyu & up)   A.Chin Quan   J. Ross   H.Ross   H.Ross 
 Team Kata
 A. Chin Quan
J. Ross
 Gladiator Challenge
 (10th -8th Kyu)  R. Sheather  L.Connolly  O.Zhang  L. Nugent
 (7th – 5th Kyu)  J. Stewart
J. Stanley
 Z. Jolliffe
 J. Salloch
 (4th Kyu & up)  D. Jones
R. Inafune
 O.Durney-Benson  R. Inafune
 Team  Gladiator Challenge
 R. Inafune
J. Salloch
D. Jones
 A. Chin Quan
J. Stewart
J. Stanley
 J. Ross
J. Stanley
M. Inafune
 Z. Jolliffe
D. Nugent
L. Nugent

Photos to follow.


2011 WGKA Annual Tournament 

This year’s tournament (June 18th) was held at the Greening Gymnasium, Parade College, Bundoora, Melbourne. Kyoshi Warren and Renshi Phil drove down from Bega (7½ hours!) to referee on the day. The competitors both junior and senior all showed great skill and determination in their respective events of kata and kumite. Much to Kyoshi’s pride, Bega Senior Kata team won their event. The team comprised of Renshi Adam Ross, Sedion Sandy Rogers and Sempai Wendy Dawson. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Renshi Adam and the success of the members of the Bega NSW team in team kata, individual kata and open kumite.

L-R: Junior Steven Hicks (3rd Place open Kumite), Winning Senior Kata Team Members Sandy, Renshi Adam and Wendy, Junior Sedoin Bernie O’Connell ( 2nd Place Open Kumite, 2nd Place Kata),  Kyoshi Warren.


Hornsby North Public School Hall
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3rd Kyu and above only.

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